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Hi, I am Yehoshua Deston

With a deep connection to the land of Israel and love for its people, I moved to Israel at age 19
leaving my family and friends behind to create my own vision and life here in Israel.


Destiny Images was created to provide Photography services in Israel and abroad.
Run and operated by me, Yehoshua. I am a photographer and videographer at heart.
I love to Photograph people, or any other request that comes my way.

Why me? well there are many Photographers out there all with different styles and "eyes"
I try to capture the feel of the event, reflect the emotions of the main players and capture
what is happening at that moment, bringing the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" to LIFE

Give me a call, Yehoshua Deston  (972) 2 645 1119  or (972) 52 874 0451

Destiny Images - Photography you can feel

Destiny Images is the wedding photography side of Deston Productions

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